The new generation of axles

Colaert Essieux has developed a new range of axles combining all the benefits of the company's know-how with state-of-the-art technological innovation. Tubular body, safety washer, high-yield steel, etc.

The advantages of the Black Bull range:

- 22% weight reduction: This is the most decisive advantage that immediately affects the user. Lighter axles mean a higher payload for the vehicle.
- High-yield tubular profile material: The Black Bull axle body is made of steel that offers very high elasticity, ideal for preventing road and agriculture fatigue.
- High-yield steel spindles: Advanced research has defined the best type of steel alloy needed to make spindles. They therefore offer optimal resistance to intensive conditions of use and provide the best possible reliability.
- Safety washer: It is known that the bearings of wheel hubs, through thermal variations generated by braking, are subjected to vibrations throughout the different phases of use, due to the assembly with the spindle. To prevent any, if sporadic, shift in mechanical parts, which could alter initial bearing torque tightening, a safety washer fixed onto the spindle prevents the transmission of any travel to the hub's adjustment nut.
- Fitting of Colaert Essieux brakes on the whole range: Black Bull axles are available with a square of 130 and 150 mm, fixed, self-steering or with brake:
- 408E (400 x 80)
- 412E (406 x 120)
- 414S (406 x 140)
- 4218E (420 x 180)
- 4220S (420 x 200)

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