PRODUCTS / FIXED AXLES (1 to 30 tonnes)
Having developed the speciality for several decades, Colaert Essieux now offers a very wide range of axles. Regardless of their use, Colaert Essieux is capable of producing your axles to order according to your specifications. Our technical department can study your most specific requirements and provide the best technical solution. We make axles with a square ranging from 35 mm to 150 mm and load capacity ranging from 1 to 30 tonnes, with or without brakes. It is possible to supply axles with finishing paint.

All our axles are approved:
- 25 km per hour France and 40 km per hour with the new range to be discovered here (40 km per hour)
- 25 and 40 km per hour TÜV
- 105 km per hour EEC

In addition to making your bespoke axles, Colaert Essieux offers several customisation possibilities.
These include choosing calibrating or self-calibrating levers, installing ABS, choosing the brake system (hydraulic or pneumatic) or fitting various cable holders, etc.

In recent years, Colaert Essieux has developed a new generation of axles - Black Bull - which you can discover here.

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