Colaert Frères was established in 1905 in Steenbecque in Flanders, by the Colaert brothers. This family company specialised in the production of blade springs for construction machinery and U-bolts for axles on industrial and agricultural vehicles. In the 1950s, it was the leader on the French market.

In parallel, the Italian A.D.R. group was founded in the town of Uboldo, next to Milan, in 1954. This family business specialised in mechanical subcontracting. A few years later, in 1967, it turned to the mass production of axles for agricultural machinery and small vehicles aimed at the Italian market. To meet growing demand, the Italian market became too small for A.D.R. which extended its business to other European countries. It then met Mr. Colaert, CEO of the Colaert Frères company, who wanted to sell off the axle department. The Italian group took over this activity and renamed it Colaert Essieux. The business was launched in September 1990. Today, Colaert Essieux supplies 65% of the French market and more than 60% of the European market.

In Steenbecque, the plant covers 25,000 sq. m including 500 sq. m of office space. It was built in 1995-1996 on land covering 40,000 sq. m and has been operational since 1997.

Heavy investments were made, especially in machine tools which are all digitally controlled in order to obtain rational assembly lines. A laboratory was also set up for chemical analyses as well as mechanical and three-dimensional testing.

A synergy was created between staff at Colaert Essieux and the Italian team, especially in terms of product and industrial know-how. The sales strategy consists in being receptive to two types of customer:
- machinery manufacturers
- users.

The after-sales department is frequently in contact with users. A summary report is drafted for the technical department in order to improve the product and adapt to various uses. The aim and role of Colaert Essieux is of course to innovate by providing customer satisfaction but also informing customers that axles may be serviced, which leads to the drafting of a Colaert Essieux instruction manual. The group's management focus strongly on this issue: "We do not abandon the product once it has been sold".

Colaert Essieux is ISO 9001 certified.
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