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Market Leader

ADR GROUP is a market leader in the production of axles, braking systems and suspensions for the agricultural and industrial machines. It distributes its products and services, through 14 subsidiaries supported by 1600 highly committed and experienced employees to over 50 countries all over the world. 
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Passion, tenacity, curiosity, courage.

By actively listening to our customers, partners, and suppliers, we acquire the ability to overcome challenges and enhance our operations.
We tackle seemingly impossible obstacles with a balanced approach, combining logical thinking and determination.
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Evolution of our products

The culture of innovation. 

Cutting-edge technology and great capacity for innovation thanks to the knowledgeable of the in-house research and development department of the whole Group.
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Supply Chain

A dimension in which excellence is a common figure.

We meticulously choose each supplier based on their commitment to upholding high-quality production standards, reliability in logistics services, and timely deliveries
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Focused on realising the requirements of the current generation without compromising those of future generations.
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