Total quality guaranteed and tested

We uphold the highest standards of quality for our undercarriage systems through thorough inspections of each individual part. From axles to suspensions, braking systems to joints, every component undergoes regular testing to ensure adherence to our strict technical standards and product certification requirements.
The quality of our supply chain is a top priority across all companies within our Group, and it is continuously monitored to maintain excellence and consistency in our products and services.
Product Compliance (COP)
To verify that the main characteristics certified during product approval are maintained, ADR headquarter, takes periodically samples from the mass production of each sister companies to perform the verification of the COP. During the verification of the COP, braking capacity checks carries out and compared with the certificate issued by the TUEV on first sample approved. In this way ADR Group maintains performance during time, garanteing a product safety with constant quality.
Certificate of Production Conformity - DE
Production and direct verification

Testing directly in the field

Our test systems are at the forefront of technological advancement, placing us among the leaders in the world. When it comes to testing trailer braking systems, we utilize state-of-the-art technology on the track in Paris. This allows us to comprehensively evaluate the entire suspension, ensuring swift and thorough certification of the trailer.
Ensuring the highest quality for intricate systems like complete suspensions is a challenging endeavour, and ADR Group excels in this regard. Our commitment to continuous improvement necessitates ongoing monitoring, which goes beyond standard documented or dimensional checks.
We employ advanced equipment that enables us to test our products in both laboratory-controlled environments and real-world operating conditions.
This comprehensive approach ensures that our products meet and exceed the highest performance and reliability standards.
Accurate controls even in the field

Testing directly on your vehicle.

In addition to laboratory testing, we go beyond and conduct field tests, directly examining the components integrated into our customers' machines. This approach minimizes test downtime and maximizes the quality of our evaluations.
By leveraging our global network of locations, we have the advantage of sharing knowledge and expertise, providing customers with a local contact person who can swiftly and effectively intervene when necessary. This results in significant reductions in both time and maintenance costs for our valued customers. We are committed to ensuring seamless support and prompt assistance wherever our customers may be.

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