Research and development


Innovation as the Group’s driving force

ADR Group thrives on its strong commitment to innovation, driven by its dedicated in-house research and development department.
The core of our research and development activities resides at the ADR headquarters, but we also foster collaboration with esteemed universities in Italy and abroad, extending our reach to countries like France and China.
Through our design endeavours, we have obtained over 30 patents and gained numerous accolades in the realm of technological innovation. This relentless pursuit of innovation ensures that we stay at the forefront of our industry, continuously pushing boundaries and driving progress.
Advanced technological innovation

From the concept of parts to their testing

We take meticulous care in overseeing every aspect of our components' lifecycle. Within our state-of-the-art laboratories, we employ a range of advanced testing equipment to conduct thorough evaluations of materials and components under various resistance and wear conditions.
This rigorous testing process allows us to ensure the highest levels of quality and durability in our products.
Guaranteed reliability

Accurate testing for a long-lasting product

Our advanced test bench replicates years of stress in just a few days, simulating various environmental, climatic, structural, and dynamic conditions that components experience. This comprehensive testing ensures the reliability and durability of our products.
In addition to laboratory testing, we conduct rigorous road tests using specially equipped trailers for product verification. These tests enable us to manage certification directly or in collaboration with our customers, working closely with the leading European certification bodies.
Since the beginning of its history, Colaert Essieux has had a constant desire to develop its products, allowing it to offer you the best solutions that are always in line with the latest technologies.
Colaert Essieux is, for example, the only manufacturer to offer a self-steering axle that can operate in forward and reverse gear (ATE auto-self-axle). Developed on our site in the north of France, this unique axle is a real innovation from our R&D department. Manual or automatic control, it has revolutionized the sector for more than 15 years.

The implementation of approval envelopes, grouping together the approval of running gear and vehicles, allows manufacturers to build their vehicles that fully comply with braking regulations in France and throughout Europe without having to homologate each trailer. All of these files that we offer are the result of the intense work carried out by the company's Research and Development department. To achieve the production of these sets, the technicians produced a test vehicle, a veritable rolling laboratory, allowing the development of the axles and suspensions before their approval.

Our axles, brakes and suspensions are continuously adapted to the evolution of the market, which nowadays is more and more technological. Associated with the R&D department of the ADR group, we are developing new technologies, such as the RFID chip of our Teknoax axles, allowing you to connect your smartphone to the axles and thus schedule maintenance or anticipate the replacement of wear parts. We have also developed electronically controlled steering axles that can operate completely autonomously.
The dynamics of modern agriculture, the evolution of regulations, safety or the arrival of new technologies, constitute the motivation and the commitment of Colaert Essieux to remain a leader and to continue to offer you the best choice for your new generation agricultural vehicles!

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