Auto Self-steering axle ATE

The self-steering axle that works forward and reverse
ATE auto self-steering axles are designed to allow the wheels to follow the movement of the trailer in both forward and reverse directions. It is the best choice to considerably reduce the tire scrub. We offer 2 versions of this axle, a manual version and a fully automatic version.


  • A self-steering axle that can be used forward and reverse.
  • The trailer can be coupled to different types of tractors without changing anything.
  • The automatic version is fully autonomous and requires no intervention.
  • There is no drawbar cylinder, the assembly is independent of the tractor.
  • For the automatic self-steering version, the cabin box allows you to take control manually if necessary
  • The assembly is complete, sensors, hydraulic block, electronic box and harness
Technical datas
  • The external body is a 150 mm square and adapts perfectly to our suspensions
  • ATE axles can support up to 13 t per axle
  • Hydraulic block works with or without LS (load sensing)
  • The speed at which the automatic axle blocking is adjustable by the control box
  • The blocking cylinders are integrated on the connection bars

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