Axles & Stubaxles

Axles & Stubaxles

For each type of machine, a solution
Colaert Essieux provides its expertise to meet the requirements of each manufacturer. Axles or half-axles, round, square, with specific machining, braked or not braked in fixed or follower mode with suitable lubrication and sealing possibilities...
We are available to respond to requests for the most specific creations!


Each product is designed specifically for your machine. The Sol range allows the use of reinforced seals and lubrication adapted to the real conditions of use of your machines. Our design office is available to design, adapt or propose solutions that will provide your machines with high-level performance and longevity.
Strong points
  • Different types of seals for various operating conditions
  • Bearings protected from external éléments
  • High operating reliability
  • Long life expectancy
  • Completely customizable semi-axles

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