Dual-Function axle

One axle for 2 types of steering
The Dual-Function system allows the axle to be connected in both simple tracking and forced tracking. The manufacturer is free to choose between the 2 versions without changing the cylinder. It is even possible to control the axle manually when it is in self-steering thanks to the Easy Drive System.  


  • Reduces storage of different versions of axles.
  • New cylinder concept, unique and reliable.
  • High operating force cylinder
  • Easy mounting with new support
  • Only 2 hydraulic connections, Easy to use.
  • Easily switched from powered to self-steering axle.
Technical datas
  • DTP version up to 12 t and DWP version up to 15 t per axle.
  • DTP in 130 mm axle and DWP in 150 mm axle, compatible with the Teknoax range.
  • The shock absorber can be mounted in 3 different ways.
  • There are only 2 oil connection ports.
  • With the E.D.S (Easy Drive System) option it is possible to manually control the axle in standard self-steering version

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