HydroAdvanced Suspension

The versatile hydraulic suspension
For optimum ride comfort both on the road and on agricultural land, at both low and high speeds, the use of HydroAdvanced hydraulic suspension will be the right solution. With a large stroke of the cylinders, the HydroAdvanced suspension guarantees the comfort and stability of the towed vehicle. It is adaptable to many vehicle configurations such as slurry tankers, dump trailers, etc.


  • There is no load transfer during braking, which prevents wheel lock moreover the load is evenly distributed on each axle.
  • Flexibility of use and comfort guaranteed on any type of ground.
  • A large suspension travel ensuring versatility of use.
  • The possibility for the manufacturers to configure the axle lift andt he height adjustment of the vehicle.
Technical datas
  • Available in normal and underslung mounting
  • Mounted with square axles of 150 mm for a maximum load of 15 t per axle.
  • Available as an independent module or complete suspension

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