HydroCompact suspension

The modular and compact hydraulic suspension
Colaert Essieux has developed a compact hydraulic suspension allowing space saving, particularly for the steering axles, even with wide tires. This intelligent design allows the integration of this suspension into very limited spaces.


  • The load is evenly distributed on each axle.
  • Flexibility of use and comfort guaranteed on any type of ground.
  • The possibility for manufacturers to configure the axle lift and vehicle height adjustment.
  • Optimal compactness allowing installation in small machines.
Technical datas
  • A possible max axle load of 10.5 t with 130 mm axle body
  • Configured as underslung version, the width of the chassis and the axle track are customizable.
  • Independent modules allowing all wheelbases.
  • Axle travel of 200 mm (difference between minimum and maximum height)

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