Electronic Controlled Steering Axle

The electronic control system of the steering axle.
The steering axle without mechanical connection.
The SmartTronic system allows electronic control of steering axles. With the use of a “gyroscope” type position sensor, there is no longer a mechanical connection between the tractor and the trailer, thus making it easier to set up and change the tractor. With the control integrated into the tractor's ISOBUS system, simplicity and flexibility of use are guaranteed.
  • There is no longer any mechanical connection.
  • Control on ISOBUS or separate box.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Complete with sensors, hydraulic block….
Technical features
  • Crab function available.
  • Gyroscopic position sensor.
  • Secure and approved according to several EU and ISO standards.
  • The system automatically realises security diagnostics.

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