Standard axles

Standard axles

A large range of axles.
A specialist for several decades, Colaert Essieux offers a very wide range of axles. We manufacture square axles from 35 to 150 mm with a load capacity of 1 to 30 tonnes, braked or without brake. It is also possible to supply the axles with a finishing paint.
Colaert Essieux has a lot possibilities of customization. Among other things, it is possible to choose adjusting or self-adjusting levers, to install an ABS device, to choose the type of braking system (hydraulic or pneumatic), or to install various supports or parts.


  • The variety of models available, according to your loads and needs
  • Great customization possible, painting, leaf spring center distance, track, etc.
  • Different types of brakes, depending on the machine and speed.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic braking depending approvals: UTAC, TÜV, ECE R13, EU2015/68…
Technical datas
  • 15 brake models, all approvals combined, from 250 to 520 mm in diameter.
  • Brakes approved up to 105 km/h (depending on the model)
  • From less than 1 t to 35 t axle load. (Depending on assembly and model)
  • Available in square from 35 to 150 mm

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