A new range of heavy duty hydraulic suspensions

The Alpha suspensions are designed for vehicles carrying heavy loads and requiring significant axle travel, while ensuring good behavior on the road.

The connection of the axle to the vehicle chassis is ensured by a triangular support. The whole thing forms a single structure guaranteeing both significant rigidity of this part as well as maximum wheels travel.
We offer two versions, the first, the Alpha 15 t, is designed to be both robust and simple in design. The 18 t version is a suspension specially designed to meet machines requiring robust solutions, such as high-capacity slurry tankers, special heavy machines, etc.
Alpha suspensions have a lot of advantages:
  • Fixing the cylinders and the stabilizer bar using bolted pins to facilitate and simplify assembly and disassembly operations.
  • Stabilizer bar design allows for simple suspension alignment adjustment simply by rotating the center tube.
  • High vertical axle travel as well as a significant transverse inclination angle, up to approximately.
  • 2 versions available, a 15 t version (per axle) guaranteeing a good compromise between optimale design and load capacity, also a heavy 18 t version (per axle) specially designed for difficult markets, very heavy loads and extreme conditions.

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