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For several decades, Colaert Essieux has been developing and manufacturing axles and suspensions capable of supporting and braking the heaviest loads in all conditions. Colaert Essieux now offers a complete range that perfectly corresponds to the European braking certifications.
In fact, all EU2015/68 approved running gears are available in a “turnkeypackage.
The implementation of approval envelopes, grouping together the approval of running gear and vehicles, allows manufacturers to build their vehicles that fully comply with braking regulations in France and throughout Europe without having to homologate each trailer. All of these files that we offer are the result of the intense work carried out by the company's Research and Development department. To achieve the production of these sets, the technicians produced a test vehicle, a veritable rolling laboratory, allowing the development of the axles and suspensions before their approval.
Why choose our approval files?
  • Wide choice of more than 20 configurations... 1, 2 or 3 axles...
  • Complete files: saving time and money for the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Axles, suspensions and vehicle fully approved and compliant with EU2015/68.
  • The trailer is ready for sale and use throughout Europe.

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