Simplified mechanical suspensions

Simplified mechanical suspensions

Simple and effective mechanical suspensions
Simplified mechanical suspensions are ideal for bale trailers, livestock trailers, etc. requiring good handling on the road while being able to drive in the fields. Space-saving, simple in design and requiring little maintenance, it is a perfect range for your trailers!


  • Great customization possible, choice of spring, wheelbase, axles, etc.
  • Available in half-tandem or tandem, in kit or complete and ready to be assembled
  • Its simple and intelligent design allows a long life with little maintenance
  • For more flexibility, you have the option of choosing parabolic springs
Technical datas
  • A possible suspension load of 4 to 12 t and 8 to 24 t for tandems.
  • Normal or underslung mounting, with the possibility of axle square from 70 to 150 mm (depending on the type of suspension)
  • Wheelbase available for tandems from 900 to 1480 mm (depending on model)

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